Trane Heat Pump

Trane Heat Pump For Your Home

Trane is a trusted name in water heaters and heat pumps. They are innovators in using the most environmentally friendly technology. The company wants to make a difference one home at a time. Trane has four different models ranging from standard efficiency to ultra efficiency. Heat pumps are perfect for the home because they produce optimum heating and cooling. There are minimal costs associated with having a heat pump in your home, making it much more affordable than any other home heating system.

Just like a heat pump for a swimming pool, heat pumps for the home move heat from one source to another location. Trane heat pumps make operation super easy for homeowners. They are operated by a single thermostat that allows you to adjust it's temperature to the most comfortable temperature for your home. They have a reputation of being reliable and usually last for about 15 years if you maintain your machine properly. Since they provide environmental efficiency, you may even qualify for certain tax credits if you have a Trane heat pump installed.

Trane Heat Pump

If you install a heat pump for the purpose of saving money, you will see the biggest impact if you live where the average temperature is 50 degrees. When it drops lower than 50, the pump will have to work harder, thus using more energy. If it becomes 37 degrees or lower, the heat pump will need to run constantly to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house.

Because Trane has built their name on their performance standards and excellent customer satisfaction, you will be comfortable trusting them with your heating and cooling. It is obvious to see how a heat pump can pump heat into the home during the winter, but what about the summer? Heat pumps work in reverse and actually pump the hot air out of the house. A Trane heat pump looks almost identical to an air conditioning unit. It is above ground and always located outside the home. The unit will have two parts, the condenser and the indoor unit that is called an evaporator coil. You should still check it's Energy Star rating to see what it's SEER value is. The higher the rating, the more efficiency you will get out of your heat pump.

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Posted 2927 days ago
Something to think about in these tough economic times is your pocketbook, and I would definitely be checking into the tax credit for this environmentally friendly technology. If I need to replace my heating system soon, I’ll definitely be looking closely at this one.
Posted 2946 days ago
It is incredible that this great heating unit warms you in the winter and helps to cool you in the summer. I’ve never heard of a unit doing this and that makes it unique and useful.
Posted 2975 days ago
I love the idea of super easy mixed with environmentally friendly. Who wouldn’t want this? It is too bad that in my cold climate state it is not as efficient. I do hope those in warm weather states take advantage of this incredible system.

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