Water Heater Prices

Comparing Water Heaters And Their Prices

Before replacing a hot water heater, it is wise to compare water heater prices. Knowing what you are looking for is an essential key to smart shopping. It is a good idea to compose a price list, as well as a comparison list of the different types of water heaters available. There is a large variety on the market today pertaining to the range of water heaters. Decide what capacity you are in need of and find out about the energy efficiency. Different types include: gas, electric, solar, and tankless. Prices range anywhere from $100 for your average traditional tank system to up to $5000 for a solar water heater. Common advice given to those comparing prices is to weigh the purchase price against what you will be paying on a monthly basis; the cheaper the unit, the more expensive in the long run.

The Bradford White Corporation offers a unique water heater called the CombiCor system. It is an economical alternative to installing a heating system and a water heater allowing you to do both with one product which runs on gas fuel. Rinnai offers tankless water heaters which provide water on demand and allow you to save up to 40% on energy. These units shut down and halt the use of energy as soon as you stop demanding water.

Water Heater Prices

AO Smith and American offer a large line of commercial and residential water heaters in gas or electric. They have a large variety of tank sizes also. Installation prices for water heaters can vary depending on the one you choose, but the cost of a traditional tank unit is $200 to $400 on average. Because the solar models prices are so high, installation is usually included. Replacing an older water heater with a newer one will cost more, but over time it will save money.

In your list, be sure to include the dimensions of the existing space. Cost efficient water heaters typically use a little more space than the older models and you want to be sure the one you decide on will fit. Also, be aware of the hookups that are available for any water heater that you choose.

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Posted 2927 days ago
Something I would not have realized is that energy efficient water heaters take up a bit more space than traditional older models. Thank you for pointing that useful information out. I will definitely be leaving any replacement like this to a professional.
Posted 2927 days ago
I’m definitely going to be checking into the CombiCor system. I love the idea of heating my home with hot water, but having on demand water instead of having a tank full to keep warm.
Posted 2946 days ago
I am a self proclaimed penny pincher, but I see the advantage of paying a more for a solar water heater now in order to reap the benefits for many years to come. Not only are you paying less out each month, but you are helping the environment at the same time.

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